Understanding the essence of the problems and bringing out the best of technological solution.

We leverage technology to empower business and social communities.

What we do??
We are a team of young and passionate IT engineers, institutionalized to provide you with quality solutions implementing the latest development trends. We specialize in Analytics and Enterprise Applications development. And also, we have a strong R & D team to research on unique tech products that can benefit both business and social communities.

TE Analytics

Business Intelligence
& Data Warehousing

We specialise in leading open source BI platforms like Pentaho and JasperSoft to provide you cost effective BI solutions at fast pace.

TE DevCentral

Web/Mobile Apps Development

In-house product innovation and offshore software work for our clients.

TE Social

Philanthropic Works and Social Business Models

Collaboration with individuals or group, with similar minds in order to benefit social communities using our knowledge and skillset.

See us at work
Our team is very light on their feet and willing to take challenges as they come by. We understand that changes in initial requirement and thoughts are inevitable, and we welcome them being completely AGILE.

Listening to
your needs


our brains


the product

Clients we’ve worked with
We treat our clients as team members, not just the stakeholders. We keep our clients in a closed-loop throughout the project development cycle, so they are always aware and up-to-date with the progress. Any suggestion from them are always welcomed.
We value their satisfaction.
Platforms/Tools we use
New and better tools, technologies and frameworks evolve everyday in IT and we make sure that we are using the cutting edge technologies.
We keep learning everyday to suggest you what's best and needed for your business.

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Kathmandu, Nepal